Cyber Security

Security Strategy

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Security Architecture & Engineering

Cloud Computing Security

Security Testing & Evaluation

Managed Security Services

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

We can help you plan, implement and optimise your cyber security at scale, while providing insights and expertise to improve resilience, reduce risk and streamline cyber security practices

Security Advisory

We provide expertise and guidance to build and embed cyber security solutions and manage risk based on best practice.

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CISO / ITSA as a Service

We provide CISOs and ITSAs that interpret and translate complex information security issues and effectively manage risk

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Security Officer Support Service

We provide guidance and support with your Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership application

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Security Analysis & Review

We provide comprehensive review and assessment of your current infrastructure and plan and develop options for future information security solutions

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We collaborate with you to understand your governance model, approach to risk and overarching compliance requirements to ensure we can tailor GRC to your business

Security Risk Management

We provide pragmatic, detailed and actionable risk management to help manage the risk trade-off to enable informed decision making

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We develop enterprise governance frameworks, policies and processes based on industry best practice

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Compliance & Audit

We conduct security audits on your information systems and provide audit advisory services

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We provide qualified Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) Assessors that help you prepare for security certifications or conduct IRAP Assessments on your information systems

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We help you secure your technologies by design through our end-to-end security architecture advice, design, integration and deployment services to support your organisation deliver efficient and innovative technologies and capabilities that meet industry standards and your organisations’ requirements

Security Architecture Design & Build

We provide end to end security architecture advice, design and build service to support the implementation and maintenance of your security systems

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Security Solution Integration

We implement security technologies and solutions and integrate them with existing architecture

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Gateway & Network Security

We help you protect your organisation from unauthorised access or modification by adopting the most appropriate policies and practices to ensure you stay in control of your organisations’ data without exceptions

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We provide effective Cloud solutions to achieve maximum coherence and organisation, with improved manageability and less maintenance

Cloud Security

We provide personalised Cloud architecture to improve collaboration and productivity within your business

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We efficiently identify and reduce security issues and vulnerabilities with extensive testing of applications and infrastructure

Penetration Testing

We help you scope, plan and execute penetration tests

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Vulnerability Assessment

We assess your architecture, systems and networks for vulnerabilities that may be a threat to your organisation

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Red, Blue & Purple Team Testing

We test your digital, physical and workforce environments with a simulated cyber-intrusion using real-world attack methods

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We provide end-to-end, market-leading cyber security expertise delivered as a service, to enhance and protect the full range of your organisation’s digital assets. We collaborate with our partners to implement and operate Managed Security Services which includes SOC, SIEM, and System Health Monitoring

Security Operation Centres

We deliver Security Operations Centres for your organisation

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Vulnerability Management

We identify, classify, scan for and report on threats and vulnerabilities impacting your digital assets

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Threat Intelligence

We provide threat intelligence analysis and reporting enabling informed strategic decision making

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Through our digital forensic investigators and incident responders we provide thorough investigation, response, complete recovery services across all information systems

Digital Forensics

We conduct digital forensic investigations and analysis that spans across a broad range of cases

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Incident Response

We thoroughly investigate attacker activities and determine the root cause of compromised networks and systems through our threat hunting and scanning capabilities

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Crisis Management & Response

We help your organisation navigate and resolve issues and maintain a strong and resilient security posture

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